Memories from a Past Life *by: Jim Lozen

Everything exists within your mind, reality belongs to you. You create your impossible dream by choosing the choices you choose. Everything normal and everything weird, you created by choices, so why should you show “any fear?” The impossible dream, it’s waiting for you, all you have to do is make the right choices, and that dream can come true.
The second coming that so many people fear is really the Atonement that we have all been waiting for for all of these years. When peace and love are shared across this land and there isn’t a single being that doesn’t understand.

The Change
In a different universe, in a different time when I was once yours and you were once mine. Reincarnation, the name of the game, reincarnation, where we were all once the same. Negative energy, negative vibes have taken us apart, so we aren’t you and I.
We built the pyramids, we built the great wall, we fought in the Alamo and died one and all. The times they keep changing, they change every day, but the energy of life, it remains the same way. When will this universe finally see and get back together for all eternity.